Individual, Child, and Family Counseling

Individual Counseling for Adults

Individual counseling offers space for my clients to find their most authentic, satisfied selves.  Together we'll learn how to identify feelings, embrace challenges, grieve loses, develop skills, and move forward.  

Therapy for Children & Families

Sometimes our kids need extra support.  It's not uncommon for children and teens to experience anxiety, sadness, and confusion as they transition into new stages of life.  I will work with parents and children to process those challenges, develop new coping skills, explore new communication styles, and grow stronger as individuals and a family unit.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

When our children demonstrate aggressive or noncompliant behaviors, parents are often left feeling out of control and unsure where to go for help.  For children ages 3-6, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy may be the support you need to get back on track.  By coaching your responses to your child during play, I can help you see dramatic decreases in unwanted behaviors.  

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